So you’ve got a collection of pictures started…I hope!  But now you are stumped on how to begin.  Maybe this will help.  Over the next few days I will post a picture of a character, setting, and plot and write a few possible scenarios as to where this combination could lead you.  It is amazing that with the same 3 pictures, you could develop totally different stories!  If you have any other crazy or creative ideas for these pictures, please post for others to see.

Senior woman gardening

las vrgas neon casino sign


Possible story lines:

  1. Old woman lives alone with her niece – niece decides to surprise her aunt with a trip to Las Vegas – niece meets handsome young man at casino – falls in love and gets married – finds out he owns casino and is rich – niece, handsome man and aunt live happily (and rich) ever after!  Feel Good Romance
  2. Old woman decides to live it up for her 75th birthday -she and her 3 zany girlfriends decide to fly to Vegas together – they reminisce about their lives and how they long for excitement – they lose bitterly at the casino so they decide in a last ditch effort to pool all of their remaining money and try one more time – they strike it rich!  The ladies share the fortune and live the “good life” in Vegas, attracting a lot of young gold diggers – they realize these men are just after their money, but decide life is short…so they marry them! (you can just use the idea of a wedding from the picture.  It doesn’t have to be the actual characters in the photo)  Comedy
  3. Reverse the order of the pictures and have a young girl marry the man of her dreams in Las Vegas – life is not what she dreamed – he becomes abusive and she murders him to escape her life – detail the events of her life and have the story end as her being an old woman who has kept this secret her entire life…until the neighbour down the road starts piecing things together and realizes who she is and what she has done!  Suspense and Mystery

See…the same 3 pictures can lead to 3 completely different stories.  Tune in for the next post with 3 different pictures and ideas.