A few years ago, I became co-author of the book, “Quinte Quill” which is a collection of short stories and poems by local writers.  I then went on to teach my own writing course and published a second collection of short stories and poems from the group called “Patchworks”.  I have taken several writing courses at the college and university level and have experience teaching adult literacy in Trenton, Ontario.  I spent two years as the Behavioural Accident Prevention Process Facilitator at ExxonMobil.  In that role, I helped develop the training program for the proactive safety process and also taught several of the sessions.  I was involved in creating other safety presentations as well, and delivered one of these to a group of over one hundred people during a conference in Atlanta Georgia.  More recently, I have written and produced two plays which have served as fund-raisers for our local church (I have since written a third and am in the process of producing it).  They were both huge successes!

Now enough about me!  I would like you to get to know YOU a little bit better.  If you can write down your successes, interests, and goals on paper, you will be more focused and will be well on your way to beginning your writing career!  Take a few moments and answer the following questions (feel free to post these if you like):

  • What things have I accomplished in my life so far that I am proud of ?
  • What is my experience with writing/reading?
  • What are my strengths when it comes to writing (if any)?
  • What are my expectations?
  • What are my goals?